What A Pleasure To Visit In Germany

What A Pleasure To Visit In Germany – Germany has become one of my favorite places to study and travel over the last decade for many reasons. Germany has become a favorite destination among students, among all other reasons, because Germany offers free education or minimal tuition fees. Germany is a paradise for people who love […]

Germany has become one of my favorite places to study and travel over the last decade for many reasons. Germany has become a favorite destination among students, among all other reasons, because Germany offers free education or minimal tuition fees.

What A Pleasure To Visit In Germany

What A Pleasure To Visit In Germany

Germany is a paradise for people who love to immerse themselves in history, especially learning more about the Nazi Party and World War II. In addition, Germany offers some of the best technology in the world that you could wish for.

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Germany is full of diverse cultures and lively locals, offering great beer and a surprisingly well-developed rail system that reaches even the most remote mountain village. In addition, Germany is home to many exciting travel destinations.

There are so many places and cities to visit in Germany. We will tell you about the top five cities that you should not miss while studying in Germany.

The Telegraph magazine called Berlin “the funnest city in the world” for many reasons. The USA enjoys New York, London is the heartbeat of England, Paris is the love of France, the next suit, Berlin is undoubtedly one of the most charming, and the city is bathing in a cultural renaissance in the world.

The German capital offers a great art scene, museums, excellent public transport, the cheapest capital of any Western European country to live in, combined with a dynamic nightlife, free education and much more. Berlin is also the birthplace of electronic music. Nightlife in Berlin is something everyone should enjoy at least once while in the city.

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Apart from being the most popular tourist destination in Europe, Berlin is a non-conformist city and a haven for subcultures. In addition, Berlin is known as one of the most liberal cities for minorities in all of Europe.

Other places to visit: Berlin Cathedral, Berlin-Dahl Botanical Garden and Botanical Museums, Nicholas Quarter, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Humboldt Forum, Berliner Fernsehturm (Berlin Television Tower) and many more.

Munich was the birthplace of the Nazi Party and the city can tell you so much about the dark times in history. But today, Munich is one of Germany’s most vibrant cities and the capital of one of the world’s largest Volksfest (beer festivals), Oktoberfest.

What A Pleasure To Visit In Germany

Oktoberfest has been held in Munich since 1810. As a rule, the holiday begins on a Saturday at the end of September and lasts from 16 to 18 days.

Germany In November

In addition to the world’s largest beer festival, Munich has a lot to offer any traveler. Avid fans of art, history, architecture and culture can explore the city’s stunning palaces and country castles. Adventure lovers can try Munich’s famous city sport, river surfing.

In December, they change places with the Christmas fair. In summer, the 300-hectare English Garden comes alive with all the summer entertainment.

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany and offers the most diverse culture in Germany. Frankfurt is becoming a thriving city every year and offers ample opportunities for work, study and career growth. In addition, the presence of numerous foreign expats makes Frankfurt locals fluent in English.

Frankfurt is home to around 50,000 students from around the world and is home to some of Germany’s best universities, offering high-quality qualifications that are recognized around the world.

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If you love history and like to visit museums, visit – Museum District: Museumsufer on the south and north banks of the river Main. You will find a collection of about 16 individual museums, and many of them have an international reputation.

When in Frankfurt, don’t miss The Hauptwache – literally translated as “The Main Guard”. Located in the city center and in one of Frankfurt’s busiest pedestrian areas. The architecture is famous for its combination of beautiful historical buildings and modern structures.

The best places to explore besides the museums are Römerberg: Frankfurt’s Old Town Center, Old Opera House, Palm Garden, Frankfurt Cathedral, Eschenheim Tower and more.

What A Pleasure To Visit In Germany

Located near the Czech border in eastern Germany, Dresden is a haven for architecture enthusiasts. The city has an extraordinary number of facades and skyscrapers, decorated with incredible architectural details.

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It’s hard to believe that in the past, Dresden suffered the double whammy of near-annihilation during World War II, followed by 45 years of post-war neglect by the Soviet regime. Nevertheless, the Dresden you are about to witness has risen from the ashes to become Europe’s most fantastic baroque city.

Dresden University of Technology is the largest university and is among the ten largest universities in Germany.

The best places to explore in Dresden are Dresden Frauenkirche, Dresden Royal Palace and Museums, Zwinger and Old Master Gallery, Semper Opera and Theater Square, Bruhl Terrace Walk and many more.

Don’t miss out on a paddle bike cruise on the Elbe. Cruises range from 90-minute tours of the city and its surroundings. See amazing architecture and enjoy breathtaking views.

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Heidelberg is home to Germany’s oldest university, Heidelberg University, which was founded in the 14th century. Heidelberg attracts almost four million visitors every year because the city offers the most picturesque riverside location, wonderful old buildings and bridges, and castle ruins overlooking the city center. The city also offers great dining and entertainment options.

Best places to explore in Heidelberg — Heidelberg Castle, Hauptstrasse and Old Town (Old Town), Karl Theodor Bridge, Philosophers’ Way, Schloss Schwetzingen, Königstuhl — Royal Seat, Heiligenberg, Heidelberg Zoo and Germany’s oldest botanical garden, German Pharmacy Museum and more.

Mardi Gras is also known as “Fat Tuesday” in French, which marks the beginning of the Christian fast before Easter. Great Lent means 40 days when Jesus wandered in the desert after his baptism, praying and fasting.

What A Pleasure To Visit In Germany

For a really great carnival party, go to Cologne, you will feel the warmth of this city with your own eyes. People celebrate the carnival with an explosion of colors, decorated ships, all kinds of dazzling costumes, fancy decorations, street dancers and bands.

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One of the brightest events in the world — Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival). Tickets must be booked in advance before the start of the event. During the festival, an incredible number of film screenings are held, up to 400, which makes it the largest film festival in the world in terms of attendance.

Germany is a paradise for gastronomy. In Germany, there are over 1,500 different types of sausages served with sauerkraut, potato salad, gourmet soups and stews, and you can choose from hundreds of different types of bread. Then, at the end of the meal, wash it all down with the best beer in the world.

German cuisine has shaped the country’s agricultural traditions, and many immigrants have made the country home over the centuries.

The beautiful Black Forest, with its dark hills covered in dense forest, is one of the most visited mountain regions in all of Europe. The area is mainly a granite hill with rounded peaks. The northern part covers wooded sandstone, limited to the south by a narrow strip of lower and more fertile limestone.

Visit The Externsteine Sandstone Rocks In The Teutoburg Forest In Germany

The Black Forest is a paradise for tourists and those who like to be surrounded by nature.

Trier is the oldest city in Germany, founded by the Romans in 15 BC, located about 10 miles east of the German border with Luxembourg. The city is filled with Roman-era ruins — including St. Peter’s, Porta Nigra, Constantine’s Basilica, and the Imperial Baths.

Trier also has one of the colorful market squares of the beautiful old town. Don’t miss a scenic boat ride on the Moselle River.

What A Pleasure To Visit In Germany

A wonderful annual event for lovers of classical music and the great Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Every summer, the festival takes place at the historic Thomaskirche in Leipzig, where Bach served as Kapellmeister (the German word for the person responsible for creating music) for the last three decades of his life.

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Every year, the most outstanding musical performers and classical ensembles from around the world participate in the festival.

The Frankfurter Buchmess (Frankfurt Book Fair) is the most important event in the world book publishing calendar, with almost 7,500 exhibitors representing 110 countries. Frankfurter Buchmesse offers an incredible palette of colors for the eyes and a real delight for book lovers.

The fair dates back to 1476, shortly after Gutenberg invented mechanical movable type in nearby Mainz. It is also an important place to discuss business deals related to books, such as licensing fees and international publishing rights.

Germany is full of historical bluff; so if you’re into historical romance with a fondness for all things medieval, this is for you. All sorts of medieval trappings on display with the obligatory fire shows, dungeons, archery tournaments, medieval music, quirky characters like beggars and witches and more; an interesting journey through time into the past, shrouded in secrets and myths.

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