The Magic Adventure Of Turkey

The Magic Adventure Of Turkey – In the heart of Turkey, there is a civilization so magical and full of secrets. A landscape full of unusual landforms, the whole place is like a fairy tale. Colorful rocks jut out of the desert landscape, riddled with caves riddled with caves riddled with caves riddled with caves riddled with stories of humanity stories of humanity. Today’s hotels are located in the mountains to escape the oppressive heat of the desert deserts, as well as restaurants and shops. Visitors climb up to the top of the historical fortresses carved in the mountains, enjoying a spectacular view of the surrounding area. As the sun sets, hundreds of balloons add to the peaceful serenity of this ancient wonder. Welcome to Cappadocia!

I never forgot the picture of this picture. I thought it was a fantasy movie or a current adaptation of The Flintstones. Ribbon stones seemed to fly across the landscape. Our stone pillars reach up to the top carved with small holes. Balanced on some of the other large stones. The houses seemed to be on top of each other in a random fashion that seemed to defy the law of gravity. Above all, the whole sky was filled with colorful balloons and the balloons were the mystery and intrigue of this fantasy territory. From the moment I saw that photo, my lifelong ambition was to see this place for myself and experience its magic.

The Magic Adventure Of Turkey

The Magic Adventure Of Turkey

Five years later I found myself at the end of a trip from Beijing to Istanbul during the Silk Road. When I was in Turkey, I did everything I could to ensure that my route would pass through this magical territory. When you arrived, you quickly realized that Cappadocia was much more than a small settlement, it was a network of small towns scattered with unique landscapes.

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Every town has its wonders, full of cafes and small hotels, but Goreme would be your base. Pokja is the most central of the towns and has many accommodation options. Luxury resorts and budget shelters are side by side in the rocky Goreme valley. Kultur denda and restaurants can be found more in the town and, above all, at dawn, hundreds of hot air balloons are launched outside Göreme in the Fairy Valley. They float gently on the roof terrace of the small town where you have breakfast many times! It’s easy to leave Goreme to drive to other towns, but I found the most convenient way to rent a scooter ($45 for 24 hours), and the hoara gave me opus to stop anywhere. Desert on the way.

Since Goreme is the most popular tourist center, the town has a lot of seasonal activities and there are many shops and restaurants. Rent ATVs, scooters, day trips and balloon tours here. Out of town to the historic Cappadocia town, where we got to know a lot about the history and the people who once lived there. Horseback riding is available at a nearby stable and Fairy Valley is just a stone’s throw from town. It’s a bit more crowded, and maybe the culture is Meneng, because the town doesn’t like tourists, but many activities in Cappadocia are just a few points ashore. Besekret at least you can see a sunset here looking at the eye of the eye.

If you start going a mile or two north, you’ll soon be walking Sarah in Fairy Valley. Fairy Valley is the main area for balloon shooting. If you are there before sunrise, hundreds of balloons will light up the valley while they are preparing. It is a very magical experience to see the giant and colorful balloon floating effortlessly on the giant stone pillar. Suddenly the sky was filled with dots of balloons.

While passing through Fairy Valley, you will see ancient cliff-dwellings built by goi-goian, and thousands of years ago the remains of those houses available. There is a network of hiking trails throughout the wide valley, which offers you several places to visit and breathtaking views of the rocky canyon.

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A few kilometers north of Fairy Valley is a small town in Cappadocia. In Harkaitzan the ruins of the land are excellent, but most of the residences are accessible to most of the tourists. Instead, some houses and restaurants that are run by locals are based on the seashore. In terms of Culture, you will see that this is the most genuine village in Tejad Kurje, where old men and women take care of the fields and water from the river of the surrounding area. Packs of tourists come to explore this small town of Semperina, but most of them reward the Turkish experience with its very friendly locals.

Heading south-east, your kurtis will be in a long stretch of wide desert. Along the bends, the flat desert suddenly has stone columns, again, those who create a very mysterious landscape. In these valleys, although no one lives anymore, there are ruins that tell the stories of ancient civilizations. Tourists and camels walk paths to these old cliff houses today, as these ancient caves climb up from Saxago to Tetsba and higher habitats. The large rock columns have a labyrinth of paths, lost raza and secret caves to know. The balanced rocks of the chimney are due to the fact that the different levels of erosion of the different rock layers were created.

Surrounded by citrus fruits, Otrahisar is considered the agricultural supply of Cappadocia. Some of the town’s reserves are ancient wineries, where old grapes were crushed by walking thousands of years ago. Other towns in Krajje continue to be less touristic than some. The street stall still directs the old men who sell dried fruit and they have bet with their next stall seller. The courtyards of tea shops are filled with men puffing their hookahs and taking ruby ​​​​red drinks while. Donkeys still carry goods in the narrow streets and small children play games in the shade of the back streets. It is a feudal fortress ayen on top of the city’s gealtiia old side. For a few dollars, visitors can climb the rock fortress and get a clear view of Mount Ersius (12,848 feet) and see another fortress, Uchisar, in the other direction.

The Magic Adventure Of Turkey

Uchisar is south of Goreme and is very dense. Uchisar, like Utrahisar, is a village on the ördättä of a high rock that was once a fortress. Most of the balloon tours float past the newsstand from Fairy Valley. After Uchisar it is the second most popular town in Goreme, and the steep hill is being built with luxury restaurants and resorts.

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Pigeon Valley has sweeping views of the fort, the Hemme village and the Ururtic sand dunes. During the Village, there are many traditional Turkish shops that sell carpets, lanterns, nuts and fruit, as well as hand-made khujak and metal objects. At the time of the Castle War, the passage is full of hidden passageways and a good view of the Cappadocia region of the castle. For 2 dollars, visitors can climb to the top of the castle through the Tejedar rock passage and enjoy spectacular views.

Cappadocia met and exceeded all expectations from that fantastic image. Area looks like something from a fairy tale. There is no place on earth Cappadocia offers a unique landscape and compares it to the deep history. Located in the heart of Turkey, Cappadocia is a magical region full of history and a landscape that looks like something out of the pages of a fantasy novel. . If your desire for kurti has made you want to find abtura sabdas and sizissis vistas, then you must drink a kurti of hot air balloons in Cappadocia to your bucket list.

Imagine that you are out on a sunny day, excited with anticipation and feeling the faint chill of the pre-dawn air. As you climb into the hot air balloon, the first rays of light paint the sky with shades of pink, orange and gold. The landscape of Cappadocia, famous for its unique myslabar and the lovely tsiminiegalta, slowly unfolds in the soft light of the sun, becoming an experience like walking in a hot air balloon.

One of the spectacular sunrise parties in Cappadocia is the exshowa of hundreds of balloons dotting the sky, each.

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