The Exotic Land Of Finland

The Exotic Land Of Finland – Finland is a country filled with exotic people, breathtaking scenery and some of the most interesting social customs on earth. Let’s talk about why Finland might be the best destination for your next European trip.

If we’re all being completely honest, it’s unlikely that Finland is at the top of your list of world dream destinations. However, this can be a big mistake, if you know the charm and character that this little gem in the Nordic countries has, this country should definitely be on your list. Finland is a country filled with exotic people, breathtaking scenery and some of the most interesting social customs on earth. Let’s talk about why Finland might be the best destination for your next European trip.

The Exotic Land Of Finland

The Exotic Land Of Finland

Finland is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe. But don’t let that stop you! The country is filled with endless beauty when it comes to nature and sights to see. Apart from the bustling cities, Finland has almost 200,000 lakes and Finns love to walk around them, swim in them and experience them in their everyday life.

Finland’s Sauna: The Delightful Arctic Heat

In addition to the beautiful lakes, up north in Finnish Lapland is one of the best places in the world to see the famous Northern Lights. Some hotels even have glazed igloos where you can sleep under a bright green light. How can you miss something like that? On the contrary, the Finnish summer turns the country into the “land of the midnight sun” with endless daylight.

For those who like to be in harmony with the land and natural beauty, Finland is one of the best places on earth to do so.

Finns have a pretty bad reputation for being quite reserved and quiet people. However, once you spend a few days in Helsinki (the capital), you will quickly realize that the reputation only spreads for the first few minutes. Once Finns realize that you are interested in them or their culture, they quickly become some of the most cheerful and friendly people you are likely to meet on your European travels.

One thing Finland is known for is its sauna culture. The sauna was actually invented in Finland and is a pretty important part of their social interaction. In fact, Finland has almost as many saunas as there are people. Finns like to crack open a beer, roast sausages and spend their days swimming in the many lakes around them, visiting and exiting saunas. It is one of the most exotic and exciting cultural events you are likely to experience anywhere in Europe. Not to mention that they do it even in the dead of winter and then swim in ice cold water!

A Summer In Finland

Finland is known for several cultural foods. The Finns have lived on their land for thousands of years and had time to perfect their own recipes and cult dishes that can only be found in Finland; such as the Karelian pie and the infamous “mustamakkara”, which means “black sausage”, usually eaten with berry jam. Finnish cuisine is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve tried before.

For those who like to take a step into more exotic adventures, the great white north can be the perfect destination. Finland is full of natural experiences, deep history and culture, and charming people who love to meet travelers. Maybe Finland could be the “hidden gem” you’ve been looking for.

Culture Wanderlust is all about culture from around the world. From Asia to America, we explore the culture that makes each country unique. Join us and let’s explore the world together. I have been living here in Finland for almost 7 years now after coming to Finland in 2011 in search of new adventures. I fell in love with the Arctic and a local Finnish woman and never left. Although Enontekio and Kilpisjärvi are my home and base for my tour guide business, I am lucky enough to live and visit a large number of places throughout Finland. Below is a brief overview of my Finland in 5 photos. Enjoy!

The Exotic Land Of Finland

These are the slopes of Pallas-Yullyasturi National Park in mid-autumn. It was taken the old fashioned way, from the window of a 2 seater plane piloted by my wife’s uncle. The park has everything Lapland has to offer in one place: open waterfalls, forests, bogs and lakes. As one of the National Parks Certified Guides, it was great to be able to see one of my workplaces from the air.

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My home is Kilpisjärvi, located in Finland, on the border of Sweden and Norway. Nowhere else in Finland can you find the same mountain scenery. It’s a fantastic place to watch the Northern Lights, and in the winter you can ski or snowshoe just about anywhere. This picture was taken below Saana Fell, looking across Lake Kilpisjärvi towards the Norwegian mountains.

At the other end of the country is Teyo National Park. It is only a few hours from Helsinki, close to Turku and has about 80 km of hiking trails. I was sleeping in a lava (shelter prone) in the park and around 4:30 am I was woken up by the sun and I’m shrouded in fog. This was one of the last photos I took before the fog cleared. Foggy mornings are common in Finland, especially in autumn when the temperature starts to drop.

For me, this shot is winter. It’s one of the reasons I never went back to New Zealand. The temperature at the time was -42 C, the air was chilly and froze on the back of my cell every time I took a breath. As I looked through the viewfinder, my nose froze to the screen. Both of our cars wouldn’t start, and while most people stayed home, I snowshoeed for a couple of hours. I may not have been born in the north, but I often feel like I was destined to be.

I also love forests, and that’s a good thing, because Finland is a country of forests, seventy-five percent of the country’s territory is covered with forests. Midsummer, when everything is lush and green, is when they are at their best. This image was taken in Kohli National Park back in 2015. The views from the top of the park are incredible, but the lush forest caught my eye.

Climate Change Spurs Growth Of Exotic Fruit In Finland

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