The Best Korean Dramas 2023

The Best Korean Dramas 2023 – Some may feel sad to say goodbye to 2022 which was full of excitement with new girl groups and amazing K dramas.

Netflix has always been the biggest platform that offers various K-dramas of the world’s actors of all genres in 2022. And Netflix has a lot in store for K-drama fans in 2023.

The Best Korean Dramas 2023

The Best Korean Dramas 2023

It is set in 2071 and is based on a webtoon, where people cannot survive without a respirator due to severe air pollution. Kim Woo Bin stars in ‘5-8’, and Song Seung Heon will be playing the villain in this 25 billion KRW drama!

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Hwang Do Hee (played by Kim Hee Ae), an artist and head of a conglomerate’s strategic planning office, jumps into the election board to make human rights lawyer Oh Kyeong Suk (played by Moon So Ri) mayor of Seoul.

It is based on a webtoon of the same name that has been popular for three years since 2015. Nana and Ko Hyeon Jung play the main characters of different time zones, showing the double life of BJ Kim Mo Mi, who has an ugly face but an incredible body and dancing skills.

It shows the conflict between Lee Tang (played by Choi Woo Shik), an ordinary college student who realizes that he has the ability to recognize a bad person after accidentally killing someone, and detective Jang Nan Kam (played by Son Seok Gu). The drama is also based on a webtoon of the same name.

‘Creature of Gyeongseong’, which gathered a lot of attention as a drama starring Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee, deals with the story of monsters that appeared in Gyeongseong in 1945 and more terrible people.

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Based on a webtoon based on the experience of a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, Park Bo Young plays the main character ‘Jung Da Eun’ who has many psychiatric incidents that will bring warmth to the viewers.

Directed by director Lee Byung Hun, who made ‘Overwork’ a huge success, it is a drama that tells the story of a daughter who enters a mysterious machine and becomes a sweet and sour chicken, and the father’s struggle to bring her back to normal.

‘The Girl Downstairs’ is based on the popular webtoon of the same title and follows the love story surrounding Lee Doo Na, a celebrity who lived an extraordinary life.

The Best Korean Dramas 2023

This story is from ‘The Uncanny Counter’ season 1 and follows the story of five demon hunters called Counters, who run a normal noodle restaurant during the day but hunt demons at night.

New Korean Dramas That Are Releasing On Netflix In 2023

Yoo Seung Ho reveals why he decided to go “Off The Grid” and take a break from acting.

Netizens are questioning the popularity of NMIXX after none of the guest stars on tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’ hosted the group.

BTS Jungkook is aiming for his first No.1 single on Billboard’s Hot 100′ with “Seven” amid concerns of unfair promotions within the group.

K-Netizens think that Oh My Girl’s Mimi has a very different style from the other members of her group. 2023 will be another busy and great year for k-dramas on Netflix. But among the list of new k-dramas coming through the new year, which ones are we most excited for? Let’s find out!

The Korean Dramas And Movies To Look Forward To In 2023

With a concept somewhat similar to Dexter, it’s not hard to see why subscribers won’t enjoy Murder DIEary. It has been proven in recent years that the audience likes to go back against the hero, especially those who have a relationship with violence. Coupled with the fact that the series’ lead was also one of the Parasite’s prequels, there will be many subscribers who will add this to their watch list,

Lee Tang, an ordinary college student, quarrels with a customer during a part-time job at a department store at night, swings a hammer unknowingly, and kills him. Haunted by the guilt and fear of murder, Lee Tang learns one day that the person he killed was a serial killer and gradually realizes that he has the supernatural ability to identify the “bad seed”. He soon becomes a dark hero who punishes people who have done wrong in the past.

We have known about Goodbye Earth for a long time, however, the latest version of the series is still very unclear. The series is an adaptation of the book Shūmatsu no fūru, written by author Kōtarō Isaka who is also responsible for Maria Beetle, which was adapted by Sony into the movie Bullet Train. However, stories set at the end of the world have an inherent passion, which is why many subscribers will watch Goodbye Earth in 2023.

The Best Korean Dramas 2023

An analysis of despair and hope for people who know about an asteroid hitting the Earth, which means the end of the world.

K Dramas That Get Real About The Entertainment Industry

A revolutionary time, 1945 was one of the most important years in Korean history due to the surrender of Japan, which marked the end of WW2, and the division of the Korean Peninsula. The cast of Creature from Gyeongseong is fantastic, and it stars actress Han So Hee, who had a great performance in the Netflix series My Name, and Park Seo Joon of Itaewon Class.

During the Spring of 1945 in Gyeongseong, during the Japanese occupation of Korea, two young men faced a strange creature born of greed, and fought it for their lives.

It can be considered a warning for the future in real life, but for now, we expect to be entertained by a group of talented actors, and what seems to be a very interesting story. In fact, dystopian stories are not difficult to produce, anything related to the collapse of the world as we know it always generates the interests of subscribers.

In the year 2071, only 1% of the world’s population has survived the toxic air pollution that has devastated the planet. For those who are left, the community has been transformed into a strict social class where people rarely leave their homes and have to wear gas masks because of the pollution. Residents rely on the Knights, a group of special transport drivers, to find their belongings and protect them from thieves.

The Best Korean Dramas Of 2023

Love that takes time? Sign all k-drama characters! The series is based on the popular Taiwanese drama One Day or the Same. If the Korean adaptation fares well with its Taiwanese counterpart, then Netflix will have another hit on its hands.

Han Jun Hee’s boyfriend Ko Yeon Jun passed away last year. He has not remembered her death and misses her very much. One day, he somehow goes back to the year 1998 and finds himself as high school student Kwon Min Joo. There, she meets high school student Nam Si Heon. She is surprised to see how much Nam Si Heon resembles her ex-boyfriend Ko Yeon Jun.

What k-drama are you most excited to watch on Netflix in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Korean Dramas 2023

Jacob joined What’s on Netflix in 2018 and serves as one of the main writers here at What’s on Netflix. Jacob covers all things Netflix movies and TV shows but specializes in covering anime and K-dramas. He lives in the United Kingdom. Contact: [email protected]K-dramas in 2023 kicked off with a bang thanks to the heartwarming romance series Crash Course in Romance, as well as Jeon Do-yeon’s long-awaited miniseries. After an incredible 2022, the addictive K drama set the bar high for what we can expect this year — and so far, 2023 hasn’t disappointed.

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In just the first six months, the world of K-drama has given us new seasons of popular shows such as Tale of the Nine Tailed, the animated series The Good Bad Mother and the revenge thriller series The Glory. While there’s a slew of exciting new hits to come — including the musical adaptation of Moving and Gyeongseong Creature starring Park Seo-joon — let’s take a look back at the 10 best K-dramas of 2023 so far.

In this workplace drama, Go Ah-in (played by Lee Bo-young) is the first female manager of a major advertising agency. Aiming to go even higher in the company, he has the role of CEO in his sights – but he has to defeat his rival for the job to get there.

A rare drama with no romantic subplots, The Society focuses not only on Ah-in’s path to success, overcoming childhood trauma to reach the top of her field, but also the struggle to balance work life and the sacrifices and pressures that women face in business life. It can be associated with attraction, adding a viewer to Ah-in’s group of workplace supporters.

What’s better than one love story in a K-drama? Two love stories, indeed. That’s basic math. Crash Course in Romance follows the love story of private math tutor Choi Chi-yeol (played by Jung Kyung-ho) and former store owner Nam Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon) when their paths cross because of Haeng-seon’s daughter Nam Hae-yi (Roh Yoon-seo).

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With its many main characters, Crash Course in Romance combines the unmistakable, classic rom-com elements (intertwining plots, heart-rending storylines, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers…

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