One Piece Episode 1072 Release Now

One Piece Episode 1072 Release Now – Egghead Island is coming to an end. And it’s time for a new conflict among the pirates. In the final chapter, Vegapunk and his group prepared to escape Egghead Island. And suddenly someone tore off the lid from the entrance! Vice Admiral Garp made fans excited with his appearance in the final chapter. So here are all the latest updates on the release date and plot of One Piece Chapter 1072.

Garp next time in One Piece will save Vegapunk and his group. However, there are obstacles they have to overcome. And it certainly won’t be easy. However, Garp has a way. So keep reading to find out more!

One Piece Episode 1072 Release Now

One Piece Episode 1072 Release Now

In chapter 1072, fans learn more about the mysterious man who volunteered to help Vegapunk and the head of security in their escape from Egghead Island. This person may be connected to the Straw Hat Feasts and may represent a new danger. Since Lucci still refuses to acknowledge the Straw Hat Yonko, there is a strong possibility that tensions between them will continue to escalate. The sudden disappearance of the Frontier Dome could have a big impact on the next storyline.

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Meanwhile, Garp heads to Hachinos Island to rescue his favorite student, Captain Koby. Marshal D. Teach held him prisoner at Blackbeard’s headquarters. Chapter 1072 of One Piece will showcase the true power of the fleet hero and Garp’s own true power. Only in this way can he free Kobe from the clutches of Marshal D. Teach. Garp’s power would hit Kurohige. At the same time, Aokiji’s membership in Garp’s fleet will be exposed.

Chapter 1071 of One Piece was titled “Hero’s Advance”. The chapter opened in the Red Port. People saw the former Kuma Sea Warlord making his way to the insignia of the World Government. Kuma went into a complete rage. And the civilians of the red port freaked out and plunged into complete chaos. Meanwhile, the CPO closed all shipping routes to and from Egghead Island, and Lucci was furious that the Straw Hat was being treated like a Yonko. He refused to recognize him as the next Yonko.

On the other hand, after Vegapunk and his gang completed their training camp, they were ready to leave Egghead Island. Vegepunk called an unknown person who could help them. An unknown person said that they would help, but in this case they would have to leave Egghead Island. Meanwhile, Garp arrived on the scene to rescue Koby from Kurohige’s hideout. The chapter was completed after the panel showed the disappearance of the Frontier Dome.

Oda will start the new year 2023 with One Piece Chapter 1072. The chapter is due out in January. The release of chapter 1072 is officially dated January 7, 2023. At the same time, Chapter 1073 will officially release on January 15, 2023. Fans can check out all chapters on Shonen Jump, Viz Media and MangaPlus. For more, stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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Always ready for new acquaintances. So if you need a virtual assistant or just want to say hello, just send an email. The upcoming Chapter 1072 of One Piece is on hiatus and will now be released on January 22, 2023 at 7:00 AM PST. The latest chapters of One Piece are posted on the official website of Viz Media and Manga Plus. The chapter will release at different times around the world due to the simultaneous schedule, so here is the exact schedule you need to follow.

Not only One Piece, but almost all issues of Weekly Shonen Jump are delayed as the magazine is on hiatus. The current chapters of One Piece have so much to offer readers that it’s hard for fans to wait for what’s to come. But here we are waiting for a new chapter longer than usual. And since chapter 1072 is two weeks late, we still have time to enjoy spoilers. But don’t worry; we will notify you of spoilers as soon as they appear.

One Piece Episode 1072 Release Now

In the previous chapter entitled “Hero Deployment”, Kuma returns to the red line, which initially confuses everyone, but then everyone runs for their lives when he gets up. On the island, Egghead Lucci refuses to follow orders from the Marines and tells Stussy that he doesn’t consider Luffy to be emperor. The scene then cuts to Labophase where Shaka informs everyone about the CPO, to which Lilith shows excitement and wants to avenge Atlas, but Shaka and Pythagoras deny this, stating that their main goal is to save Dr. Vagapank.

Release Date & Spoilers For One Piece Chapter 1072

The chapter then introduces us to a mysterious ally, but Edison denies contact with this man, explaining its dire consequences. But Vegapunk calls an ally anyway, and they agree to help them. Suddenly, the Frontier Dome’s defenses kick in and the CPO uses this opportunity to infiltrate Labophase. Meanwhile, Kaku tries to destroy the Thousand Sunny, but Zoro is awake and stops his attack. The dome is online again, but it may be too late to prevent CPO.

Luffy and the others reunite with the group while Bonnie pursues Vegapunk. She demands that Vegapunk restore Kuma back to normal, but he states that this is impossible. At the end of the chapter, Kid’s team makes their way to Elbaf and Garp arrives in a G-14 to lead the mission to rescue Koby.

Directed by Megumi Ishitani. Despite being young and relatively inexperienced, Ishitani has made a big and impressive splash in the three episodes she has directed so far, namely episodes 957, 982 and 1015.

In fact, her reputation among fans of the series is so prestigious and respected that fans are asking Toei Animation to let her film another exciting episode. Without getting into too many spoilers about what will be in this episode while it’s running, fans know that the episode they want her to be in is

One Piece Chapter 1072:

In episode 1072, there was a complete lack of communication from the studio on this issue. However, that has changed with the latest leaked anime series news from Boji, a prominent and respected figure in the anime series leak community.

“CONFIRMED. It doesn’t matter if Ishitani is ED or SB. This episode will be immortalized in our memory. Wait for a miracle.”

Director Megumi Ishitani will return in episode 1072 in some capacity. Unfortunately, Boji and their sources were unable to accurately confirm her role, instead focusing on the fact that she would somehow return.

One Piece Episode 1072 Release Now

However, according to Boji’s post, it seems that the role of the episode director or storyboarder is most likely related to Ishitani’s contribution to episode 1072. As Boji points out, Ishitani’s involvement (in whatever context) will likely result in the episode being “perpetuated” in fans’ minds, urging fans to “wait for the miracle” she will bring.

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While this may seem like an overreaction to such news for some fans of the Oda series, Ishitani’s work for the series has

Episode 1072 demonstrates why her participation is so interesting. Every episode she directed is considered the climax of the anime series, almost to the point of completely reinventing the wheel for an isolated 23-minute period.

I can’t wait to see the fan reaction when the full roster of staff/animators for Episodes 1071 and 1072 is revealed!

As of this writing, episode 1072 is scheduled to air in the second week of August 2023. However, this may end up being pushed back if Toei decides to delay any of the episodes leading up to its final release. In such a case, fans may see the episode pushed back to the last week of August, or even the first week of September.

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Viewers can expect a full list of staff and animators for an episode to be released weeks before it airs. So we hope this information should confirm Ishitani’s exact role as well as officially confirm her participation in the overall release schedule of Chapter 1072, and are there any spoilers available? We don’t blame you as chapter 1071 left us with many unanswered questions. For example, what will the real Kuma do now that he has arrived at the Red Port? Besides, who is this mysterious man called Vegapunk? However, this is an exciting chapter and waiting for the next release can be difficult. Don’t worry as we have some fan theories about One Piece Chapter 1072 that will make you itchy.

We’ve provided an easy-to-follow release guide so you know exactly when One Piece Chapter 1072 is expected to release in your time zone. In addition, we have also provided all the details regarding spoilers

We’ve just been given three teasers in the form of cryptic tweets from Redon. First tweet is GIF

One Piece Episode 1072 Release Now

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